Brand Philosophy

Skinergetics is more than a cosmetic brand, it is a way of life, which was developed from the bond to Swiss nature. It has long been scientifically proven that the connection to nature allows the soul to heal. Skinergy Inc. has taken advantage of this knowledge and developed a product line with the highest effectiveness. Water, plants and flowers from the Swiss Alps carry the power of Swiss nature. It gives Skinergetics more energy and joie de vivre. The composition of the ingredients makes the products unlike any other. Skinergy Inc., together with our research team have been developing and researching the creation of the new brand for years, and are now pleased to announce success and the launch of Skinergetics: Harmony and energy in harmony with nature!

Our brand Skinergetics

is the result of the strong connection to Switzerland and the demand for high-quality cosmetic products. When you first meet the owner and developer, Greta Havanassian, you can feel the special energy she brings with her when she enters the room. The passion for cosmetics and their active ingredients has led the inventor of Skinergetics to today's success. Born in Europe, she was surrounded by the beauty industry from an early age. With love and inspiration passed down from two generations, she began creating home made remedies in her youth. Greta, has been working for 30 years with a passion for cosmetics & treatments in the international market. The valuable experience from her homeland, her stays in Europe, America and Switzerland, brought her to the world famous Red Door Salon & Spa located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, where Greta offers a unique form of consultation and treatment that goes deeper than just into the skin. As a worldwide sought-after master of beauty, she is in great demand and as a result, her paths led her back to Switzerland, where she and her professional team, after years of development, brought the brand Skinergetics "Made in Switzerland" to the world for the international market.